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  Brief Introduction
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  Brief Introduction


    Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics (the Institute of Geodesy) was founded in 1957, is the earliest scientific research institutes of Geodesy in China, is also the only Chinese Academy of Sciences public research in Geodesy Research Institute, 1970 attributable to the State Seismological Bureau in 1978, comrade Deng Xiaoping personally care, rehabilitation and reconstruction by China Academy of sciences.
    The Institute is mainly engaged in geodesy, geophysics and geodynamics, environmental science and interdisciplinary important research problems and key technical problems of science, including local and global earth movement, earth's internal structure and interaction between layers within the earth system, mass distribution and migration, in the use of space geodesy and national large-scale construction in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River area, application environment and disaster monitoring and assessment of wetland evolution and restoration. A Research Institute of Geodesy and geodynamics, Hubei Province State Key Laboratory of environment and disaster monitoring and Assessment Research Center, Key Laboratory of Wuhan national geodetic field station, geodetic and geophysical observation technology laboratory, calculation and geophysical exploration research center, national satellite navigation positioning system engineering technology research center and Department of Jianghan Plain Kaohsiung Wetland Ecological Station (station).
    The Institute is the first doctoral and master's degree conferred by the State Council, one of the units, with the "Surveying and Mapping Science and technology" postdoctoral "Surveying and Mapping Science and technology" as the first grade discipline doctoral degree training, "solid earth physics" and "natural geography" two master degree in two disciplines, training professional Bo, "cultivation of full-time professional master degree in surveying and mapping engineering. The Institute has national grade mapping qualification and passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, Hubei Province Institute of Geophysics, Astronomical Society of Hubei Province, Hubei Province Natural Resources Association, and more than and 20 studies with European and American and Asian countries and regions or the university has established close cooperative relations.
    The Institute is based on the new attitude to the forefront of science, and promote the development of the discipline, to meet the national defense security and economic and social sustainable development of the strategic needs to make due contribution. (as of July 2016)


Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics. Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address:340 XuDong Rd. Wuhan 430077, Hubei, China