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On August 1,1957,on the basis of the Geodesy Group,Chinese Academy ofSciences(CAS),the Laboratory of Survey and Mapping, CAS. was founded, with a total staff of 88. Fang Jun and ChangHui were director and vice-director, respectively.


In 1959, approved by the CAS, the laboratory was renamed the Institute of Survey and Mapping,CAS.Fang Jun was the director, and Chang Hui was the Secretary of the CP committee and vicedirector. Thetotal number of the staff is 301.


In 1961,the Wuhan and Guangzhou Branches,CAS, were incorprated to be the Central-southern Branch,CAS, with the Administrative Office set in Wuhan. Inthen August of 1961, three institutes,the Institue of Survey and Mapping, Wuhan Institute of Space Physics,and the Hubei Institute of Mechanics,were incorporated to be the Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS),with a total number of staff 279. Fang Jun was the director, and Chao Pengxing was the vice-director.Chang Hui was the Secretary of the CP committee and vice-director.


In 1970, IGGCAS shifted to be an institute of the Chinese Earthquake Administrative, and was renamed Institute of Seismology. In 1978, IGGCAS was independent from the Chinese Earthquake Administrative, and was re-set up.


Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics. Chinese Academy of Sciences
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