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  Education & Training
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  Education & Training

IGGCAS is home to 106 staff members , one of whom is Academican , 22 are professor Researchers , and 23 are Associate Professor Researchers. Thirty-0ne senior researchers are less than 45 years old. IGGCAS runs post-doctoral station in Surveying Science and Technology, and is eligiable to confer doctoral and Master degrees of Solid Geophysics and Geodesy and Survey Engineering, as well as Master degree of Physical Geographics.

At present, 92 graduate students, 36 of whom are Ph.D candidates, and 6 post-doctorate, including one Korean, are enrolled. The graduate education is being improved rapidly, both in student numbers, and in education quality. Three Ph.D thesises were awarded “National 100 Excellent Thesises” from 2003-2004. Four student were awarded “Special Prize of President Scholars of CAS” form 2000-2005. Four papers were awarded Excellent Paper Prize of International Navigation Technology Conference from 2001-2005. Two Ph.D thesises won successively Excellent Doctorate Thesis Prize of CAS in 2004 and 2006. Four students won Pen Yingang Science and Technology Prize and Liu Yongling Scholarship. By 2006, a total of 191 students graduated from IGGCAS.


Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics. Chinese Academy of Sciences
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