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Workshop on Space Geodesy and Global Climate Change in IGG TEXT SIZE:A A A

Workshop on Space Geodesy and Global Climate Change was held on March 14 in Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics (IGG). Academician XU Houze, researcher NI Sidao, researcher SUN Heping, professor Benjamin F. Chao from Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, professor Cheinway Hwang from National Chiao Tung University, professor YUAN Linguo from Southwest Jiaotong University and more than 50 scientific research personnels attended the workshop. The workshop was hosted by researcher NI Sidao.

Associate professor ZHANG Zizhan from IGG gave the first report “Global evaluation of new GRACE mascon products for hydrologic application”. Then professor Cheinway Hwang gave a report “The growth of sediment over Yangtze River’s estuary detected by GRACE”, focusing on the detection of sediment deposition in eastern coastal areas of China by GRACE. Professor Benjamin F. Chao gave a report “On Geophysical Inversion”, explaining the mathematical principles of the earth's interior inversion. Finally, professor YUAN Linguo made a report on the variation of the earth's tidal deformation, earthquake, crustal deformation and long-term change of water vapor by using the data from GNSS continuous operation reference stations.

All the participants conducted a systematic and in-depth discussion at the end of meeting. This workshop promoted academic research of space geodesy and global climate change.  


                                                          The researchers took a group photo after workshop ( Image by PENG Peng )

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