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Oxidative Degradation Process and Mechanism of Wastewater Containing Organic Phosphine Revealed

  Organic phosphonates are widely used in Reverse Osmosis (RO) wastewater purification due to their strong chelating ability to metal ions, corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition.
  In RO wastewater reuse, high concentration organic phosphonate scale inhibitor limits the reuse rate of con...
Effects and Potential of Water-saving Irrigation for Rice Production in China Revealed

  Water-saving irrigation (WSI) is a promising management practice for sustainable rice production. Shallow-wet irrigation (SWI), controlled irrigation (CI), intermittent irrigation (II), and rain-gathering irrigation (RGI) are four common WSI regimes used in China.
  Researchers ZHUANG Yanh...
IAG workshop on HydroGeodesy and 3rd Satellite Gravity and Hydrology forum held in Wuhan

  International Geodesy Association(IAG) workshop on HydroGeodesy and 3rd Satellite Gravity and Hydrology forum were held in Wuhan from June 29th to 30th. This conference was hosted by the International Geodesy Association and State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth’s Dynamics (SKLGED), Ins...
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