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Dr. Liu Lin from The Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK) Visited IGG TEXT SIZE:A A A

Invited by State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth’s Dynamics (SKLGED), Dr. Liu Lin from The Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK) visited Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics(IGG) and gave an academic report in title “The combined use of GPS and GRACE data to study seasonal and transient variations in glacial mass near Greenland outlet glaciers” on June 2.

The report firstly presented the variation trend of ice and snow area in Greenland in recent decades. According to the observation of GPS base stations in this area, the phenomenon of surface uplift has been found that caused by melting snow and ice. Taking the two GPS stations in western Greenland as an example, the seasonal and instantaneous variation of the surface vertical displacement were quantitatively approximated by GPS and GRACE data singular spectrum analysis. By simulating the elastic load displacement induced by a variety of surface mass loads, we could quantitatively explained the geophysical mechanism of the two variations of the mass balance of the spilled glacier. The audiences had a deep discussion with Dr. Liu about surface displacement non-glacier load response, glacial surface material balance, spillover glacier dynamic change and other related research at the end of the report.  

Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. degree from University of Colorado in 2011 and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University. He is mainly engaged in frozen soil, glacier geodesy and geophysical research.


                                                                     Dr. Liu was giving his report.

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