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Professor Bridget Scanlon from University of Texas at Austin Visited IGG TEXT SIZE:A A A

Invited by State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth’s Dynamics (SKLGED), professor Bridget Scanlon from University of Texas at Austin visited Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics(IGG) and discussed cooperative research on June 26-30. She gave an academic report in title “Comparison of Terrestrial Water Storage Trends from Global Hydrologic Models and GRACE Satellite Data” during the visit. Xu Houze academician , deputy director of Wang Yong, relevant scientific researchers and graduate students attended the meeting.

Professor Bridget Scanlon first introduced the hydrological applications of GRACE gravity satellites, the basic principles, new data products, characteristics, and their processing. She also introduced the current application of global hydrological model and land surface model and surface observation technology. She discussed  the satellite gravity observations and hydrological model in detail from the perspective of global and watershed characteristics, simulated the performance and difference of long-term and periodic changes in total water reserves, and the comprehensive detection and interpretation of hydrological effects of human activities and climate change. The audiences had a deep discussion with professor Bridget Scanlon about “Accurate Quantitative Assessment of Migration of Water Quality” and other related research at the end of the report. Professor Bridget Scanlon also presented valuable comments and suggestions on relevant fields.

 Professor Bridget Scanlon leads the University of Texas’ Bureau of Economic Geology’s Sustainable Water Resources Program, a research group that examines issues concerning water resources. Her work on aquifer recharge estimation methods, water use in energy production, impacts of land-use change, and the global recharge estimates for water-scarce regions has improved the understanding of groundwater depletion worldwide. Much of her work combines a variety of analysis methods—from local field measurements to data from satellite—to provide insight on water in the environment at a variety of scales. Prof. Scanlon is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union and the Geological Society of America. She has also been named the Birdsall Dreiss Lecturer for the Geological Society of America, and is a two-time winner of a conservation award from the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, and the Bureau’s Publication Award. In 2016, she was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering. She is an associate editor of “Water Resources Research” and executive editor of“Environmental Research Letters”.


                                                                  Professor Bridget Scanlon  was giving her report.

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