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Prof. Wu Zhongqing from University Of Science And Technology Of China Visited IGG TEXT SIZE:A A A

Invited by State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth’s Dynamics (SKLGED), prof. Wu Zhongqing from University Of Science And Technology Of China visited Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics(IGG) and gave an academic report in title “Exploring deep Earth with mineral wave velocity data and seismological results” on Mar 30.

The report first introduced the first-principles calculation of geophysical parameters of various mantle minerals under high temperature and high pressure and compared them with high-temperature and high-pressure experimental results to constrain the composition and distribution of minerals inside the earth. This has important scientific significance. He explained and discussed the intrinsic structure of the Earth's internal wave velocity retrieved from seismological methods. For example, the enrichment of orthopyroxene in the mantle wedge may result in a low Vp/Vs ratio and the water content at the top of the mantle shift zone may affect the undulations under 410 kilometers, and the scattering of signals at a depth of about 800 km may be due to the dehydration of Vazilite. He also has a detailed introduction to the composition of the lower mantle. In the discussion session, the participants discussed in depth the problems involved in the first-principles calculations, such as the approximate transformation, the non-harmonic effect and the parameter setting, and the reasons for the lateral inhomogeneity of the mantle wave velocity, and achieved good exchange results.

Prof. Wu obtained a bachelor's degree in water conservancy from Sichuan University in 1997, a master's degree in physics from Zhejiang University in 2000, and a Ph.D. in physics from Tsinghua University in 2003. Since 2003, he has successively been in the . He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Advanced Research Institute of Tsinghua University, the Department of Chemical Materials of the University of Minnesota and the Department of Chemical Materials at the University of Southern California. He taught at the University of Science and Technology of China since 2010. He used first-principles calculations to study the properties of materials under high temperature and high pressure and developed a method for calculating the characteristics of high temperature elasticity. Less than one-tenth of the conventional method, this method was used to study the elastic properties of many important minerals in the mantle, and to explore the significance of these results for understanding the deep components, temperature, and dynamic structure of the Earth. He has published more than 50 papers in the journals of Nature, PNAS, and JGR.


                                                                        Prof. Wu was giving his report.


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