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Researcher Hu Xiaogang of IGG Joined the 33rd Chinese Antarctic Expedition TEXT SIZE:A A A

Scientists of the 33rd Chinese Antarctic Expedition took the “Snow Dragon” ship to South Pole from Shanghai on November 2nd. Researcher Hu Xiaogang from Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics(IGG) joined this Antarctic expedition. He will gather the data of gravity earth tide, geomagnetism and glacier with gravimeters and other precision measuring instruments.

IGG has attended 20 times Antarctic expedition since 1985. Scientists of IGG successfully completed all the tasks every time under the extremely harsh environment and accumulated a great deal of first-hand observations for researching ocean tide, glacial ablation and the gravitational field of South Pole. They have made enormous contribution to the development of China's polar career.


Researcher Hu Xiaogang carrying instruments at Shanghai wharf

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