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The Fourth International Workshop on Multi-observations and Interpretations of Tibet, Xinjiang and Siberia (TibXS)(IWGS) TEXT SIZE:A A A
July 28-August 1, 2013, YiNing, Xinjiang, China
 Tibet, Xinjiang and Siberia (TibXS) are regions with active plate tectonics and climate processes. Evidences from satellite gravimetry and altimetry show the hydrological evolutions over these regions are sensitive to global climate change. For example, inter-annual lake level changes over Tibet and Xinjiang from satellite altimetry are found to be connected to El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Lakes in central Asia originating in Xinjiang and lakes in eastern Siberia show sharp changes in lake levels that can be explained by climate change. Recent terrestrial gravity, GRACE, altimeter and GPS observations suggest that the crust over the Tibetan plateau is thickening, and some of the mountain glaciers appear to be thinning. With proper data processing, satellite altimetry is able to estimate vertical displacement, permafrost thawing, and evolution of mountain glacier, particularly with the recent Cryosat-2 data. A superconducting gravimeter has now been installed in Lhasa to monitor the long-term gravity change. GOCE’s new gravity field may also reveal new tectonic features in TibXS. Under the support of IAG Commissions 2 and 3, TibXS2012 is the third workshop to promote the study of geodynamic and climate processes in TibXS. The Scientific and Local Organizing Committee welcome world scientists to join the meeting.
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics. Chinese Academy of Sciences
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