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National Geodetic Observatory, Wuhan


Covering a total area of 12 hectares, National Geodetic Observatory, Wuhan (NGOW), is located at Jiufeng mountain , a suburb area of Wuhan, which is about 15kilometers away from downtown Wuhan, Hubei province. NGOW occupies 500 square meters of living and observation sections, such as gravity observation station、satellite laser ranging(SLR) station、GPS station、the switch house,and so on, supplemented by a multi-function Building with area of about 500 square meters. Approved by the Chinese
Academy of Sciences in 1986, this station started to serve normal observation in 1996.
   NGOW is kept watch all year. With the most advanced gravity, space geodetic surveying instruments, it is the most comprehensively equipped station at home. NGOW provides effective technical support and important raw data for studies on dynamic geodesy studies in china. NGOW is the fiducial station of the
Crustal Movement Observation Network of China (CMONOC),the join organization of  “921 project” Low-orbit Satellite Determination projection, one of three reference stations tested in China for Galieo cooperation projects-EGNOS .Also,  it is a fiducial station of international solid tide, observation station of global Geodynamics cooperation projects of USA NASA organization、the west Pacific Ocean SLR Network、the space geodynamics for Asia  the Pacific and the GGP project. The observation data are sheared
with relavant international institutions.

An overlook of National Geodetic Observatory, Wuhan

Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) System

EGNOS test project in CHINA


Setting DORIS System

Gravity observation in Three Gorges


GPS, DORIS and EGNOS Stations

Superconducting gravimeter


Gravity measurement in HongKong

Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics. Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address:340 XuDong Rd. Wuhan 430077, Hubei, China