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IGG researchers have made progress in product and software development about high accuracy time-varying gravity field TEXT SIZE:A A A

Geodetic precision detection new theory and new technology innovation mission team and Satellite geodetic survey and global change research team from the Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(IGG,CAS) have made significant progress in product and software development about high accuracy time-varying gravity field. Team members have overcome GRACE satellite gravity measurement data processing and analysis key core technology. High precision time-varying gravity field is obtained by inversion. The accuracy is comparable to that of similar products from the space research center (CSR) of the university of Texas, JPL, and the German geoscience center (GFZ). At present, IGG series of time-varying gravity field products have been released to global users. It can be downloaded from the international gravity field model center (ICGEM).(http://icgem.gfz-potsdam.de/series/02_GRACE_monthly_other/IGG_RL01) In terms of related software system development, the research team has independently developed the GSOFT_S gravity field inversion software system and GRAMAT satellite gravity application software system with independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained relevant software copyright.

Relevant research results have achieved the independence of data processing and application of gravity satellite, which has important reference significance for the Simulation of the next generation gravity satellite program, regional water resources management and utilization, related geodynamic studies. Relevant research work has been funded by the precision gravity measurement national major science and technology infrastructure, the national natural science foundation, Chinese academy of sciences strategic pilot science and technology special.


                        Comparison of IGG Time-varying Gravity Field Model with International Similar Products

    IGG series GRACE time-varying gravity field product contact: Wang Changqing (whiggsdkd@whigg.ac.cn)

    GSOFT_S Gravity Field Inversion Software System and GRAMAT Satellite Gravity Application Software System Contact: Feng weifengwei@whigg.ac.cn

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