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The secular decaying phenomenon of the 6 year oscillation signal in length of day detected by IGG for the first time [2017-12-20]
Academic progress: The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau regional quality balance changes in the main component analysis [2017-08-05]
Static coulomb stress variations caused by the Nepal earthquake [2015-08-04]
Research of IGG was Awarded the 2013 First Prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress [2014-03-10]
Hotspot Track Identified Using Seismic Waveforms [2013-09-29]
GRACE reveals groundwater depletion in North China [2013-05-02]
Structure of the Earth’s interior structure and geospheres interactions [2009-08-22]
Regional and Global Movement of the Earth [2009-08-22]
Application of Geodesy [2009-08-22]
Mass distribution and transport in Earth system [2009-08-22]
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