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  Int’l Cooperation News
Doctor Shen Weishen from University of Colorado visited IGG [2015-08-04]
Professor Thorne Lay from University of California visited IGG [2015-08-04]
Professor James Mori from Kyoto University visited IGG [2015-08-04]
professor Charles A. Langston from University of Memphis visited IGG [2015-08-04]
Doctor Jim Ray from NGS visited IGG [2015-01-21]
Researcher Maorong Ge from GFZ visited IGG [2015-01-21]
Researcher Jean-Michel Lemoine from CNES/GRGS Visited IGG [2015-01-21]
Doctor Guo from OSU Visited IGG for Academic Communication [2015-01-09]
The Vice Director of State Department Office of Space and Advanced Technology David A. Turner Visited IGG [2013-07-03]
Dr. Jim Ray of National Geodetic Survey (USA) visited IGG [2013-07-03]
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