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Experts from Ecology and Environment Monitoring System of Three Gorges Project Inspected the Groundwater Monitoring Key Station [2013-12-11]
Professor Huang Bo from The Chinese University of Hong Kong visited IGG [2013-07-03]
Research Archievement of IGG Received the First Prize of Hubei Province Scientific and Technology Progress in 2012 [2013-07-03]
Spring Field Investigations of Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake Wetland in 2013 [2013-05-30]
Research Progress on Detecting Core-mantle Boundary Viscosity Using Superconducting Gravimeter and VLBI [2013-05-30]
International academic exchanges on Geodetic GNSS precise positioning and organized ionospheric research [2013-05-30]
Academician Houtze Hsu was Awarded Earth Tides Commission Medal [2013-05-30]
Rupture process of Lushan earthquake [2013-05-02]
Research Result of IGG was listed in "2012 Science Development Report of China” [2013-05-02]
Henan Crop Monitoring System with Remote Sensing has been accepted [2013-03-14]
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